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 3550 Pittsview
 Ann Arbor, MI  48108
 Kevin Karr, Principal
Mitchell 2013-2014 Staff
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Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth
Special Areas, Support Staff, Child Care, Other Staff


 Kevin Karr
 Main Office

 karrk@ kevhead75.jpg

Office Staff

 Martha Hudson
 Main Office 
STAFF: hudsonmar.jpg
 Audra Keahl
 Teacher Clerk
 Main Office 

Fifth Grade   Return to Top of Page

 Matt Krigbaum
 Room 15
STAFF: krigbaum.jpg
 Kathy Spiess
 Room 16
STAFF: spiessk.jpg

Fourth Grade   Return to Top of Page

 Bernard Bell
 Room 8
STAFF: bell.jpg
 Erica Hatt
 Room 10
STAFF: hatt.jpg

Third Grade   Return to Top of Page

 Kesha Faison
 Room 6
STAFF: faisonk.jpg
 Aaron Padgen
 Room 3
STAFF: padgena.jpg

Second Grade   Return to Top of Page

 Chuck Hamilton
 Room 5
STAFF: hamilton.jpg

 Sonali Deshpande
 Room 2
STAFF: deshpandes.jpg

First Grade   Return to Top of Page

 Vanessa Sanmiguel
 Room 1
STAFF: sanmiguelv.jpg
 Wendy Rothman
 Room 4
 rothman@ STAFF: rothmanw.jpg

Kindergarten   Return to Top of Page

 Lisa Thompson
 Room 19
STAFF: thompson.jpg
 Patty Koutoulas
 Room 20
STAFF: patty.jpg

Special Areas   Return to Top of Page

 Dan Tolly
 Vocal Music / Instrumental Music 
 Room 18

 Caroline Fitzgerald
 Instrumental Music  
 Room 16 

 Mary Lindemann
 Physical Education
STAFF: mdl.jpg
 Elena Flores (Afternoons)
 Art Room
 Terri Erickson (Mornings)
 Art Room
 Anne Reader
 Media Specialist / Computer Lab
 Media Center (Library)
STAFF: reader75.jpg
 Alexandra Krauss
 Fifth Grade Spanish

Student Support   Return to Top of Page

 Jennifer Zimmer
 School Psychologist
 Suite 11

 zimmer@ STAFF: zimmer.jpg

 Deb Roberts
 Speech and Language Pathologist
 Suite 11

 robertsd@ STAFF: robertsd.jpg
 Carrie Nelson
 Teacher Consultant
 Suite 11
 nelsonc@ STAFF: nelson.jpg
 Laura Hudson
 Reading Intervention, Grades 3-5
 Suite 11
 hudsonl@ STAFF: lh.jpg
 Matt Hilton
 Reading Intervention, Grades K-2
 hiltonm@ STAFF: hiltonm.jpg

 Jackie Bolaños
 Resource Room Teacher
 Suite 11

STAFF: bolanos.jpg
 Andrew Schwab
 Social Worker
 Suite 11
 schwab@ no_image_75.jpg
 Katie Rittenhouse, RN
 School Nurse
 mahlerk@ STAFF: rittenhousek.jpg
 Christy Yee
 Occupational Therapist
 Suite 11
 yee@ STAFF: yee.jpg
 Stephen Gutierrez
 ESL Support
 Room 9
 gutierre@ no_image_75.jpg
 Susan Atkins
 ESL Support
 Room 9
 atkins@ STAFF: atkins.jpg
 Bonnie Flanders
 Special Education Teacher Assistant
 flanders@ STAFF: bf.jpg
 Sean Dooley
Special Education Teaching Assistant
 dooleys@ no_image_75.jpg


Child Care  Return to Top of Page

 Rebecca Eaddy
 Child Care Supervisor
 Anthony Bahliby
 AM Child Care Assistant
 Xavier Malcolm
 PM Child Care Assistant
 Tyler Sanford
PM Child Care Assistant


Custodial   Return to Top of Page

 Millie Encarnacion
 Head Custodian
STAFF: encarnacionm.jpg


 Christine Smith
 Lunch Server
STAFF: ksmith.jpg
 Tisha Griffin
 Lunch Supervisor Coordinator
STAFF: tishm.jpg

Technical Support

 Linda Keebler
 Technical Specialist
STAFF: lkeebler.jpg


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